Wednesday, 13 October 2010

One Year to Go, for the Big Four O

Another hectic week, and a rather extended birthday weekend, which will probably extend to the next weekend. Good times and far too much cake. Ok there is probably room for more cake.
So since I am currently teaching character design, I thought i would share some character designs of my own, since I am currently working on a childrens book:

Meet Harvey:

This was my first real stab at Harvey, a toy crocodile.
I imagined him as rather dumpy (he loves cakes), and friendly. Then I tweaked and altered the head a little, because I wasnt happy with it:
But actually the client preferred the original. Some times you get it straight away! I think the first design is cuter, so I explored him a little:

So then on to Eeak-Squeak, a toy mouse this time. I think I had Mickey or Danger Mouse on the brain when I drew him here:
Which the client noticed. So I went back to an early idea, and this seemed to capture more of what the client was hoping for:

Sometimes the client doesnt know what they want until they see what they definitely dont want, so its always worth experimenting with different approaches if they dont have a definite image or direction in mind.

This is also a character of sorts, I did for a friends birthday. He is a Larper (Live action roleplayer) who is planning to play a dwarf next. So I envisioned him in full garb, complete with rubber sword, nerf-crossbow pistol and stripy pants. Apparently he liked the idea so much, he is getting a pair...

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