Sunday, 12 April 2009

Pucks 2- the new batch

So now Easter Sunday has finally arrived, and i am enjoying the prized chocolate I have so dutifully given up for Lent. When I say given up, I am of course ignoring the huge amounts of chocolate ice cream and cakes that I have consumed with Leo and Sue, which were eaten after roleplaying sessions, when I was of course still in character. In-character food is a lot like holiday food, in that it contains zero calories and is therefore guilt-free. You may ask why an Agnostic is concerning himself with Lent, and my answer is that in the remotely unlikely event that I find myself at the Pearly Gates, even a half-arsed attempt at resisting temptations will no doubt secure me a comfy seat on the good side.....

So anyway, regarding the project, I have finally finished the two dozen or so Mini-Puck illustrations for the core book. Below are some more of my favourites. The next and final stage of the book involves the illustrating the court cards, one for suit and type (Queen of Hearts, Jack of Spades etc), so there are 12 in total. Eventually these will also be printed on playing cards for the official No Dice cards, not that we are at all interested in merchandising our property to death or anything..... I should have the first of these illustrations posted in the next week or two, starting with the Jacks.

Incidentally, in the following illustrations, there are 5 film references, 3 easy, one a little obscure, and the fourth unbelievably obscure. Anyone getting all 5 wins a free pdf of the core rulebook!!*

* Of course the No Dice corebook is actually a free pdf to everyone, but I wouldnt let that stop you feeling special for getting them.

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