Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Less, apparently is more

After a long weekend in Italy, its back to the drawing board (or more accurately graphics tablet), once more. So having got the mini-pucks out of the way, its onto the final stage of the project, for me. Actually the thing i was most looking forward to. Originally, i had planned on twelve illustrations in the book, as well the two dozen cartoons, but as the June deadline looms, Leo and myself have actually decided its better to go for quality over quantity, and hopefully you will appreciate that. After all, there is only one artist on board, and that's me. And I do actually have a day job. So since sleep should really be a necessity, not a luxury, the number has been reduced.

So Anyway, i thought you should get a taster of these illustrations, starting with a classic scene from the wild west. Each illustration, much like the mini-puck cartoons, covers a particular genre or type of situation, and of course Puck features in all of them (Even if its not immediately apparent). As you will be able to see, however, Puck appears a little less cartoony than the previous images, as the illustrations are more realistic.


  1. Like the art style, very much looking forward to seeing the finished book.

  2. Cheers. Its been a lot of grafting, but its all been worth it. Now onto the next one!