Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Its Alive!!!!

As you may have spotted from the diary entries, I have been rather busy for the past month. But the corebook is finally out so I can relax and chill for the time being (well until plans for the next book are underway). This project is somewhat of a labour of love for me, well and the rest of the no dice team. Personally, my intention was to produce the absolutely best work I could, to show off the real breadth of the system, to spark the imaginations of the reader, and to make No Dice as professional as possible. I have to admit to skiming many independant rpgs over the years, and dismissing them, just because I didnt rate the artwork or layout. There may well have been incredible content from writers who couldnt afford illustrators, so I could have missed out on some of these. Lets be honest, a project of this scale, is time consuming, and had I not been part of the entire production, I doubt whether I would have given my spare time so readily.
As it happens, No Dice combines my two biggest passions, and it also a collaboration with two very good friends. Our roles are not set in stone either. I may have illustrated the book, but fortunately Leo has always been open to contructive criticism. And the same for the art - I am happy for Leo and Sue`s suggestions. So although tiring at times, and a little stressful as the deadline loomed, the whole project has been a blast. It seems there is much more work to do, and who knows, one day, we may all be able to give up our day jobs....

So I thought I would include two of my very favourite illustrations. This project has really pushed my skills. Its been a challenge, but also incredibly rewarding for me, and the more I do, the more ambitious I get. I feel this is just the start...

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